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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Once you have clicked 'Generate OTP' button and you don't receive OTP ever after few minutes, you may click on the link 'Click here to regenerate OTP?' that is available on the same page where you are asked to enter OTP.

In the process of booking appointment, the page that prompts your contact details and subsequent page, has the option namely 'To Receive Reconfirmation SMS / View / Print / Cancel Appointment Click Here'. This option is also available in subsequent page where a beneficiary selects City, Specialty, WC and Doctor.

Sometimes the OTP is not received instantly due to various reasons. One may have to wait for few minutes. The generated OTP is valid for 10 minutes. Also there is an option to regenerate OTP. There is reference number generated for each OTP. Please verify that the entered OTP is of correct reference number.

Go to book appointment option, enter the beneficiary id then the received OTP. On the landing page there is option namely 'To Receive Reconfirmation SMS / View / Print / Cancel Appointment Click Here'

The name of only the Doctors for whom the roster has been generated by the CMO I/c of the dispensary gets displayed in the list.

Please click on Appointment steps to know the process.

Yes, one can book appointment again in such cases. The system will not allow to book appointment if the appointment has already been taken in the window of 3 days in the same dispensary in case of GDMO's appointment. However one can book appointment in some other dispensary.

Depending upon whether the mobile number already exists in the CGHS system or not, one can update the mobile number in the following ways:

  1. If your mobile number is not already registered in the CGHS application, please contact CMO I/c of your dispensary and you need to carry your mobile along so that you may provide OTP that will be received on your mobile when the CMO I/c enters your mobile number in the CGHS system
  2. If you want to update the mobile number that is already registered with CGHS, you may update by yourself, by logging in using the 'Beneficiary login' option available on home page of cghs.nic.in
  3. In case you don't have or remember the credentials for your 'Beneficiary Login' and want your another mobile number to be registered with CGHS, You can use the option 'Generate/Reset Password' available on the beneficiary login page itself. Here the Password will be received on your old mobile number
  4. If you don't have your old mobile number and want to update the new number in CGHS system, kindly approach CMO I/c of your dispensary
  5. You may also refer to the 'Help' section on https://cghs.nic.in or click on the link https://cghs.nic.in/Steps_to_update_Mobile_Number.pdf

This may happen in cases where a beneficiary might have clicked on 'Generate OTP/Regenrate OTP' multiple times. Each OTP has a distinct reference number. While keying in the OTP please verify the reference number that gets displayed on the screen matches with the SMS received.

Please click on the option 'To Receive Reconfirmation SMS / View / Print / Cancel Appointment Click Here' to confirm the booked appointment status and also can receive confirmation SMS again.

This may happen with the specific device or browser. May try booking appointment with another device or browser.